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4-PLAY~      Rob, Thanks again for all of your help. It was a pleasure working with someone who cares about their customers concerns, even when they (the concerns) seem small. Thanks again!     Frank- Benson, AZ

4-Play~    It showed up. Had it assembled in 20 minutes. Works great!! Andrea

AQ-19~ Your cart is outstanding! Thanks! Shane- Rigby, ID

AQ-11 Thanks for your help Rob... The new cart is very sturdy! Murphy B.

Octo-Cart & 4-Play~ I have 2 jetskis, one with a 4 wheel aquacart and now this one with 8. Both work great!!!!! Walter- Panama

AQ-19~ Excellent! Rob, thanks for getting it out and the great support. I will definitely recommend you to any of my buddies with a PWC. Cheers

Thank you so much for the update! You guys have awesome customer service! Thanks again!- Kimi-Sinclair Marina

Thank you!! It has been just a pleasure to do business with you! Take care! Sarah- Ladysmith Motorsports

Rob, you guys are my favorite manufacturers to deal with!! Thanks for keeping prices reasonable and not changing them (which makes more work for me!! lol!!) Kelly-Rogue Motorsports

AQ-19~ Thank you very much! I spoke to your dealer, it's only 4 miles out of my way! I really appreciate you going out of your way to help. Customer for life! Neal- MD

BEACH BLASTER~ The cart works perfect. I run it down the beach with ease and can pull it back up the ramp without any problem. Loading is simple as is the launch. I really could not offer any changes. You have engineered this product very well. Doug- Bainbridge Island, WA

TRANSOM STANDS~     Just received and assembled the stands. I'm impressed with the quality and ease of assembly and they work perfectly.Thanks!           Dick Butler- Star Marine, St. Petersburg, FL

4-PLAY~ Thanks for the great service! I appreciated your help answering all of my questions on the phone, and now to hear you have already gotten it shipped out is fantastic! Looking forward to getting it into use - Thanks again!    Mike- Sarnia, Ontario  Canada

4-PLAY~     Thanks again for ALL of your help & patience with me!   Cindy- Manitoba, Canada

DOUBLE DECKER~     Awesome results!   Jim Rous- Calgary, Alberta

SNO-CART~     Just wanted to shoot a note back to ya. Received the carts last Friday. Went together very well. Easily. Snowmobiles fit nicely. Just like we wanted!! Thanks also for the call this morning! I really appreciated that! Thanks for the great service! Thanks for a great product!!     Craig

PREMIUM ACTION PLUS~     Great! Thanks Rob, it’s been a real pleasure working with you on this order. Raymond Enoki- Costa Mesa, CA

BEACH BLASTER~ Awesome, thanks for everything Rob I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to tell all my friends with skis how good your customer service is. Drew

V-STAND~     Thanks for the quick turn around. Mark- Carbon Craft Boats, FL
Love the cart, it is perfect for what I needed. High quality, nice finish etc. Can single handedly load it from the cart to the trailer and vice versa… attached a few pics. thanks for all. Paul-Arizona
Thanks! Great email communication! Looks like a great product can't wait to try them out!   Mark- Goletta, CA
Thanks, Rob. You really are good at this. I appreciate it. Dan O'Connell
Thank you for the quick turn around! Paul- Sarasota, FL
Awesome! Thank you so much for the help, and the update. Collin- NY